About Tradex Active

For companies looking to significantly reduce the cost of their transaction processes or to comply with their customer´s requirements for invoices to be sent electronically, Causeway´s Tradex Active is a flexible and easy to deploy e–Trading solution eliminating the inefficiencies associated with handling paper trading documents. Tradex Active is the low volume version of Tradex that is aimed at the smaller company that needs to send documents electronically but cannot justify a fully integrated solution with his back office systems.

Tradex Active enables construction supply chain partners to electronically send invoices to both major contractors who have integrated their back offices systems with Tradex and any other trading partners that have an email address.

No special software or training is needed. All you need to use Tradex Active is a PC connected to the internet. Registering for Tradex Active provides a single gateway solution to an expanding electronic community.

Your customers will receive your invoices in one of 2 different ways:
  1. If your customer is a full member of Tradex with a solution integrated with his back office system (or a member of a Hub Alliance partner) he will receive your invoices directly into his Purchase Ledger system to await authorization for payment.
  2. Non Tradex members will receive an email containing a secure link to the Tradex web site. Clicking on this link will enable your customer to view and print off your invoice. Tradex will continue to remind your customer by email that he has an invoice to view on a daily basis until he does so.

Quotes from Suppliers who trade electronically through Tradex;

Gavin Kite, E–Trading Development Co–ordinator – Aggregate Industries

"Aggregate Industries has reduced transaction processing costs by 95%. We are now saving approximately £3 in costs for every invoice that is processed through Tradex."

Frank McGrory, Head of IT – GAP

"The initial target of around 2,000 invoices traded online per month was soon achieved and has since grown by almost 400%. On a day-to-day level the service couldn´t be simpler."


electronic trading document exchange.

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