What is Tradex Active?
Tradex Active is the version of the Causeway Tradex electronic document exchange system that Building Register clients can use without any additional charges to send invoices to customers. You can send an electronic invoice to any customer with an email address. Simply go through the easy registration process then you can start keying in and sending your invoices.

What are the benefits from connecting through Tradex?

Tradex provides secure and predictable invoice delivery. Your invoices are accessible in a format that can easily be printed off by your customers which will mean fewer errors and delays in processing your invoices for payment. Tradex is an e–trading connection that is used by organisations throughout the industry which means that you can use it with your current customers.

Can I send invoices to large contractors who want to receive directly into their back office system?

Yes, providing the contractor is a full Tradex member or a member of the Hub Alliance

Full Tradex members have a fully integrated service that allows them to send and receive documents directly from their back office systems with no additional keying. Tradex has the largest market share of major construction contractors for electronic document exchange. Tradex is also a member of the Hub Alliance so if your customer is using another document exchange system, the chances are that you can still send them invoices from your Tradex connection.

Are there commercial advantages?


Many large contractors are now insisting on electronic invoices to cut their costs. Being a member of Tradex will enable you to comply with these requirements and improve your chances of getting business. For your own company there are stationery and postage savings to be had. Less delays will also mean that you get paid quicker.

Will this make a difference to when I get paid?


It will make a significant difference where your customer is a fully integrated Tradex member. Being able to receive your invoices through Tradex will clearly help them to confirm details and process payments, and your credit controllers will be able to see online that they have processed your invoice into their accounting system. Where your invoices go as pdf documents to non-Tradex members the time saving compared to posting will also mean that you get paid more quickly. Tradex has an automated reminder service that continues to remind your customers that an invoice is waiting for them to retrieve and does not stop doing so until they access the invoice

Are there charges for doing this?

Building Register clients get free access to the Tradex Active service. For higher volume businesses wanting to take advantage of the fully integrated solutions, discounts are available for established Building Register clients. For more information on Connecting, plus indicative Tradex membership fees view the Connecting to Tradex datasheet.

I can´t produce electronic invoices?

Tradex Active is designed to support the low volume user who either does not have a computerized accounting system or has a simple one that can’t export electronic invoices. All you need is a PC with access to the internet to use Tradex Active. You just go online, sign in and key in your invoices. They are then sent electronically to your customers.

Will this work for my other customers and suppliers as well?


Your Tradex connection will provide you with the ability to exchange electronic trading documents with many other companies as well.


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