Welsh government due to unveil £15bn spending plan‎

The Welsh Government is set to unveil an investment plan that will see £15bn spent on capital projects over the next decade.

The Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan for Growth and Jobs will outline more than £3.5bn over this Spending Review period.

Finance Minister Jane Hutt said the Plan would focus on major projects and housing as well as find new ways of financing schemes.

She said: “We remain a Government committed to the provision of infrastructure and the creation of jobs, and we want to take every cost-effective opportunity to increase capital investment, despite the severe cuts in our budget, right across Wales.

“The Plan will include a list of approved capital projects for the next three years and an indication of our capital priorities for the next ten years. This will be the first time that we have published such a clear outline of our strategic capital priorities.

It is hoped the Plan will help contractors prepare for future projects.

Ms Hutt added: “As we’ve developed the plan we have engaged widely with the business community, social partners and the public and third sectors and their feedback has helped to shape the document.

“As recent data shows, the UK has now slipped back into recession. This makes it even more vital that public investment in capital and infrastructure here in Wales continues. Our Plan will provide a real, concrete demonstration of how the Welsh Government is helping the Welsh economy grow.”

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