Waste Management plans scrapped

The department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has announced it will scrap the need for waste management plans for construction sites.
Legislation introduced in 2008 required all construction sites on schemes with a value of more than £300,000 to hold waste management plans, but this will soon be scrapped as ‘evidence and feedback suggest these regulations are ineffective’.
The announcement was made this week as part of a red-tape cutting exercise that ministers say will save UK businesses £1bn. However, Constructing Excellence and the UK Green Building Council are among those opposing the move.
Director of Constructing Excellence, Jon de Souza said, “Industry has cut the amount of waste it produces by a third and it is arguable whether this improvement would have been delivered had this legislation not been put in place.
“A huge amount of work has been done by Waste & Resource Action Programme who have engaged really well with industry and there has been a huge improvement within the industry as a result of this legislation.”

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