UCATT condemns short apprenticeships

A report by the Commons Public Accounts Committee found that apprenticeships lasting 6 months or less provide “no real benefit”, a view which is shared with construction union UCATT.

UCATT has a long standing campaign against attempts to devalue construction apprenticeships and for an increase in craft based apprenticeships which provide funding for candidates up to NVQ level 3.

Steve Murphy, General Secretary of UCATT, said: “The select committee’s report is in line with what we already knew. These very short so-called apprenticeships provide no value to workers or employers.”

The Public Accounts Committee found that 1 in 5 apprenticeship courses being offered lasted for six months or even less.

Mr Murphy added: “This is in line with the situation in construction where short term thinking has led to a steady decline in apprentice numbers. This is creating skills shortages and seriously undermining the long term health of the industry.”

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