eTrading solves Postal Price setback

With postal prices set to increase, companies are confronted with yet another reason to look at ways to reduce costs. Causeway Tradex, an award winning eTrading solution has become an increasingly popular resolution to this problem, cutting costs at the same time as increasing efficiency.

Causeway Director Tim Cole emphasised how much businesses could pay out if they stick to the traditional method of distribution, stating: “If you post just 1,000 invoices or purchase orders a month, second class, that’s now going to cost you £6,000 per annum just in postage”

Mr Cole continued to say: “Plus there are the many other inefficiencies that go hand-in-hand with manually processing transaction documents.

“This is all wasted money and effort that could be used far more effectively within the business. That’s why investment in eTrading has been proven to deliver a very fast payback. Sending documents such as orders and invoices electronically avoids wasted time and effort whilst improving visibility and sustainability at the same time,”

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