Court dismisses challenge over construction strike

Balfour Beatty Engineering Services (BBES) lost their legal challenge to halt a proposed strike by a ballot of electricians, plumbers, heating and ventilating engineers. The ballot saw a vote of two to one in favour of strike action.

Balfour Beatty argued that the strike vote process was flawed and that Unite, the union that organised the ballot had failed to categorise sites and job titles with sufficient precision.

However, Judge Mr Justice Eady said: “It seems to me that, so far as reasonably practical, every person entitled to vote had a voting paper sent to him/her and also was afforded a convenient opportunity to vote by post.

“Indeed, I think it fair to say that Unite went to considerable lengths to ensure democratic legitimacy which might be thought to exceed what would ordinarily be expected.

“I am not persuaded that Unite is threatening or intending to do anything that would be unlawful. There would be no ground, therefore, on which to grant an injunction.”

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