50,000 Electricians to receive tax letter

HM Revenue & Customs will be sending out over 50,000 letters to electricians this month warning them to pay any undisclosed taxes.
The Electricians Tax Safe Plan is aimed at anyone who installs, maintains and tests electrical systems, equipment and appliance. Electricians will be granted a time-limited amnesty to pay any tax they owe with lower penalties. They will have up until the 15th May to declare to the HMRC that they wish to take part in the Tax Safe Plan.
Once they have come forward, electricians will have until 14th August to make their disclosure and arrange payments. If they make a full disclosure, most will only face a 10% penalty rate, with a maximum of 20%.
Last year a similar campaign aimed at plumbers led to ten arrests and thousands of tax probes.
Head of the HMRC Campaigns, Marian Wilson said, “Our aim is to make it easy for electricians to contract us, make a full disclosure of income and face a reduced penalty.”
She continued, “I urge tradespeople in this group who think they owe tax on their income to get in touch and get their tax affairs in order, simply and on the best terms.
We do not think everyone who receives a letter owes us tax. However, if you owe tax and don’t get a letter, do not assume that HMRC will not catch up with you.”

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