Clean Technology Promises To Reduce Carbon Emissions

A ground-breaking dynamic breathing insulation designed to lower carbon emissions, reduce energy costs and create a healthy living environment has been unveiled at CALAs Arboretum development in Balerno, Edinburgh, where it will now be trialled.

Created by the environmental Building Partnership Limited (EBP), a spinout company from the University of Aberdeen, and supported by CALA, the new construction technology Dynamic insulation is set to revolutionise the way buildings across the world are insulated and ventilated.

The project has also been supported by the Carbon Trust through its applied research grant programme.

The Hazeldean showhome at Arboretum is the first test-site for the new dynamic insulation which replaces conventional thermal insulation with air-permeable modules or energyflo cells. This new multi-functional approach allows the building to breathe, stripping away airborne pollutants and circulating warm air during winter and cooled air throughout the summer.

According to the Carbon Trust, emissions from buildings generate more than 45% of the UKs annual carbon footprint and better insulation is critical in the fight against climate change.

The new technology will also have an impact on well-being within the home. Traditional insulation gives rise to increased humidity which can impair indoor air quality and cause a feeling of 'stuffiness' and increased incidences of asthma.

Tests at CALAs Arboretum development will begin in earnest this month with the first round of results due in August of this year.

Thereafter, it is planned that the future homeowner will allow the partnership to continue to monitor the efficacy of this new clean technology.

The project team also plans to employ infra-red cameras to evaluate the Hazeldean in comparison with the other homes at Arboretum.

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