The Scottish Building Federation Monitors Build For The Future

The Scottish Building Federation has responded to research that shows that the Scottish construction industry in its present phase of growth needs to improve the project management skills of its managers.

Contributing £10bn (10%) to Scotlands GDP and employing 250,000 people, the construction industry is one of Scotlands biggest employers.

ConstructionSkills, which helps the industry in all aspects of recruiting, training and qualifying the construction workforce, has fully supported an initiative to increase the competency of managers in the construction sector and 2007 will see the push for competence-based Project Management training courses to be offered to the sector, which will lead to the internationally recognised awards of The Association for Project Management.

Project Management training specialists, Monitor, who already provide project training and software solutions here and abroad, have partnered with the Scottish Building Federation to deliver programmes across the country at times and venues to suit the managers attending. This is the first time that both organisations have come together to offer such a dedicated programme of training to suit the needs of the sector.

The construction sector will be able to access Project Management courses at different levels to suit existing skills, giving managers the chance to achieve an internationally recognised qualification, and the industry the opportunity to benchmark itself against other sectors that use competence-based Project Management training to develop their staff.

The first course in Carron Grange, the Headquarters of the Scottish Building Federation takes place on 5th and 6th June 2007.

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