Green Light For Car Park Extension At Musselburgh Station

East Lothian Council's Planning Committee has given permission for First Scotrail to extend the car park at Musselburgh Station to provide an additional 78 parking places.

The extension, to the northwest of the present car park, will cover around 0.32 hectares (3,827 sq. yards) and will include footpaths and a pedestrian crossing enclosed by a six-foot wire fence.

Cllr. Paul McLennan, Council's transport spokesman said: "We welcome this development as the present car park is heavily congested with vehicles parking on both sides of the access roads and on the turning areas within it. The extension will ease these problems. It will also provide the opportunity for commuters to leave their cars behind and take the train for their onward journeys, cutting general congestion on our roads."

An important condition of the planning permission is that trees lost in the development must be replaced on the north and south sides of the entrance to the car park during the first growing season after the extension is completed. security cameras will also be installed for crime prevention and public safety.

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