Construction becomes a priority for Cameron

David Cameron has said he has given the go ahead for two power plants that would create 1,000 construction jobs.

The first power station is a £250m biomass and energy-from-waste plant at Ferrybridge and the second is a £984m gas-fired power station at Thorpe Marsh, near Doncaster. 

The prime minister has put emphasis on the importance of construction in terms of its affect on the economy. He wrote “In terms of future productivity, this infrastructure deficit is as serious as our budget deficit. In terms of job creation today, getting construction projects off the ground is critical.

 “Too often projects get hobbled by planning restrictions, funding blockages or regulatory burdens. So this autumn the government is on an all-out mission to unblock the system and get projects under way.”

More than 100 special priority projects are expected to be authorised creating an anticipated 35,000 jobs.

Energy minister Charles Hendry said: "The energy industry can be a real driver of growth across the country. Some £200bn of investment is needed in the energy industry over the coming decade, representing remarkable opportunities for companies in the UK. These new plants in Yorkshire are a fantastic example of new power stations bringing new jobs. These decisions are a further example of our determination to clear the back-log of planning applications, to stimulate growth and enhance our energy security.”



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